What are parametric SMS

Parametric SMS are messages in which can have variables. Our software will automatically fill these variables with the given values.


Suppose we have the following list of contacts. In addition to the mobile phone number, we also enter the name of the contact, the area of the store from which the customer is served, as well as a bonus code.

Our list would be something like this

306971234567 GEORGE NEW YORK ΑΚ1544 10 on all items
306941234567 MARIA LONDON TU8852 15 on baseball bats
306931234567 LISA LISBON OJ7432 20 on perfumes
306951234567 JOHN ATHENS HA1254 25 on toys


To be able to send an SMS to all recipients, with customized text to each, we must use the headers of our file.

Our file should have the column names in the first row.

When composing the message, we put the column names inside { hooks } . This way the software will understand that the text in parentheses is variable and that it must use the data in that column, replacing the variable with the value of each row.


Write the following message and send it to the recipients of the table above.


Hello {NAME} . Come to our store today at {STORE} , enter the code {BONUS CODE} and you will get a {DISCOUNT} % discount {ITEM}


The above message tells the application to replace the text in brackets, with the data in our file, for each contact separately.


In this way, George will receive the following message.

Hello GEORGE. Come to our store today in NEW YORK, mention the code AK1544 and get a 10 % discount on all items


Maria will receive the following message:

Hello MARIA. Come to our store today in LONDON, mention the code  TU8852  and get a 15 % discount on baseball bats


Lisa will receive the following message:

Hello  LISA. Come to our store today in LISBON, mention the code OJ7432 and get a 10 % discount on all items 


John will receive the following message:

Hello JOHN. Come to our store today in ATHENS, mention the code HA1254 and you will get a  25 % discount  IN TOYS


* The underlined text will not be underlined when the recipient receives it on their mobile phone. We only highlighted it for demonstration purposes.

** The lowercase and uppercase characters are defined by you.

*** You can put as many columns as you want in your file as well as define as many variables as you want.