Through the famous viber application, you can send enriched (with text, photo, button) or simple text messages to your customers.

The advantages of viber messages are, lower cost , sending messages with your logo, the ability to send rich message , larger text (as 1,000 characters long) and the fact that you pay only for the delivered messages.

In order for viber messages to be delivered, the recipient must be connected to the internet.

To have a viber profile and be able to send bulk messages, a minimum monthly pre-purchase of messages required. The required amount depends on the termination country. Click  here for pricing. After that, you have the ability to send both rich and simple text messages.

In any case, if a viber message is not delivered within the time period you want, you have the option to configure a SMS to be automatically sent to the recipient's mobile.

Viber messages are divided into 2 categories. Enriched, to which you can send text, button and photo and simple text messages. The two categories of messages have different prices.